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My name is Stephanie Häni and I am a Wine photographer

Ich bin eine junge Frau mit einer unglaublichen Vorstellungskraft und great photography skills, who feels the need to change the image that people have about wine.

Let’s get out of that box. Stop making the shots over and over again. Why does a Somm always have to be in a winecellar taking a bottle or swirling a wine glass?

I love elegance and simplicity , but it’s time to show the world that wine is so much more. Wine is Art . Wine is Creativity.

Every wine tells a story . Its own story. Why should we represent all wine as if they were the same?

It’s time to make the change. Tell your Story to make your wine Unique.

Let’s do it together! Let me, through my pics, tell the story of your winery or wine profession. Let’s make it special , let’s make it count!

It's Time to Support Each Others

I am currently located in Switzerland but don’t worry ! I love to travel so don’t hesitate to contact from all over the Globe